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Menacing Midwest Tour Halloween, 2015



October 31st - November 1, 2015


There are those few places with urban legends and folklore so freaky that one would almost have to be a tad bit crazy to want to visit.  On this trip we will visit some little known locations with tales that are said to be some of the most terrifying in the Midwest.  Places that lay claim to have been visited by Satan himself!  Places where ghosts and apparitions still roam and notorious gangsters move aimlessly through the halls and corridors of time. We will visit places where strange lights, sounds and sightings from multiple murders and suicides have left their mark and are proposed as thrilling places to visit for those who are brave enough to try! 


On this overnight weekend trip we will visit several oddities in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri and stay in haunted hotel built in 1927.  


Price:  $175 / person
Time:  We will leave Tulsa around 9am Saturday (10/31) and arrive back in Tulsa on Sunday (11/1) around 6pm



Price Includes:

  • Transportation across a tri-state area visiting some of the most terrifying, menacing and downright spooky locations of true crime, hauntings and urban legends.

  • Overnight accomodations at a haunted hotel built in 1927 with an entire floor to ourselves to explore!

  • Lunch and lecture at haunted brewery

  • One (1) adult beverage at haunted brewery (must be 21)

  • Guided tour of haunted sites across midwest by Author Teri White and colleagues from her long standing paranormal research team.  

  •  Stops in Kansas City, MO and other haunted sites along the way

  • Ghost tour of a haunted castle on the way home - Nov. 1st - Day of the Dead

  • Prizes and souvenirs







This tour is now sold out!!

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