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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we have had so many of the same questions about the tour, we have compiled the most FAQs here:


​Do we get to go inside? Do we get off the bus?
​Yes, we do get off the​ bus on a few stops. As for going inside, that depends on what the venues have planned the night of the tour, it depends entirely on their event schedule. If they have someone available and nothing scheduled we might get to go inside, but this is not a guarantee. We will not know their availability until closer to the date of the tour. We usually always get inside one location, but we would keep it a secret anyway! The tours can be full of surprises!

Can I bring my children?
We do have a rule that no one under the age of 16 are admitted without a parent or guardian. The reason being we will recount our "experiences" at these locations which can be disturbing for the younger audience. We suggest to use your best judgment if you intend to bring someone under the age of 16.

Will it be scary?
We can't answer that. Many of our participants have reported an "experience" during the tours. While we can not guarantee that will happen, we do know that a few of our stories are sure to give you goose bumps!

Are tips included?
While taxes and processing fees are included in the price, gratuities for drivers and tours guides are not.  While we have considered including gratuities in the overall ticket price, we believe tipping is a very personal thing.  Recognizing excellent service is a personal thing and the amount is entirely up to you.  It is not expected or required but it is appreciated.  Usually 20% is customary, but if you feel your guide or driver did an exceptional job and you wish to tip more it is greatly appreciated. 

What happens on the tour?
On the Bus tour, you will board the Tulsa Spirit Tours bus for a tour of Tulsa's Most Haunted Places.  On the walking tours and pub crawls, we will meet at a specific location and walk approximately 6 blocks to different haunted buildings. You will hear the ghost stories and the history behind each location.  Many of the places we visit we have had the exclusive opportunity and honor to investigate. With that, you will hear our first hand accounts and experiences while spending the night at these exclusive locations. On the bus tour we play you our EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that we captured during our investigations. The Tulsa history makes the tour quite informative...after all, any haunting will have a good "story" behind it!

Where do you advertise the tours?
Just our website and social media like Facebook. We don't advertise because word of mouth has sold out and we are a very small business.  We also have some friends in radio and media that allowed us to promote with them which has been a huge help, as well. 

Where do we go on the tours?
We visit several of Tulsa's most famous landmarks. On the bus tour we have between 12 and 15 locations we stop or drive by. On the walking tour we have about 6 to 8 locations we discuss in addition to added history. 

How do I get tickets?
Click on the "Tours & Registration" tab on the top of this website.  That will take you to the page of all the different tours we offer.  Click on the tour of interest to read description, see tour dates and purchase tickets.  When you check out, it will take you to PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to purchase and it's perfectly safe and secure. You can check out as a guest if you do not already have a PayPal account.  More information and instructions can be found on the tour description page. Both the walking and bus tours require reservations.  We will allow walk-ups to the walking tours but bus tours are limited on seating availability. 

Additionally, this website is the ONLY place you can purchase tickets.  Please be weary of people online who say they can't attend and want to sell their tickets - they are likely scammers.  If someone who has purchased a tickets can not go, they generally contact me to resell for them or they give them to a friend. 

What should we do if we're not sure a tour will be cancelled due to weather?
If you are unsure if a tour will be cancelled, you can check our social media - we will usually post it on Facebook if it is cancelled. This does not happen often but when it does we have successfully reached ticket holders prior to the tour.  If necessary, Teri will be at the meeting location to make sure ticket holders are aware the tour has been cancelled and get rescheduled dates from those we couldn't reach.  Tours will be canceled in the event of heavy rain, severe thunderstorms watches or warnings or other conditions that could pose a potential threat to our customers.  Also, if heat index rises above 100 degrees in the summer, walking tours could be canceled.  Likewise, if temperatures drop below 50 degrees in the early Spring, walking tours could also be canceled. 

OTHER:  Tours could also be canceled due to low attendance. Due to overhead, a minimum number of tickets must be sold to cover operating costs.  Should a tour be cancelled for low attendance ticket holders will be notified and offered a refund or reschedule.  We are a very small business and appreciate your understanding should this happens.  It is advised to get tickets for tours running September-December as early as possible.  Those never cancel and generally sell out by word of mouth quickly.  

If I purchase my ticket in advance and can't go or forget about the tour, can I reschedule or get a refund?
Unfortunately, due to limited availability, we will not offer refunds or exchanges if you do not show up for a tour. We usually wait 5-7 minutes for anyone who may be running a bit late, but we usually leave promptly after that.  You're welcome to meet us at a location if you have a reservation.  You can always reschedule and take another tour, but you will have to pay for tickets to that tour as well. We will not transfer seats to another tour unless we cancel the tour, ourselves or have open seats available for you to take. Much like a concert, if you purchase a ticket then cannot make the event, you are not going to receive a refund.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are generally processed within 48-72 hours but please allow 7-10 days depending on the tour and other external factors.  Refunds for larger, overnight tours could take up to 30 days as we wait for deposits.  Refunds or reschedules are offered in the event we have to cancel a tour.  It is not our practice to cancel tours.  If we have to cancel the tour for any reason you will be immediately offered a full refund or a reschedule.  If you miss a tour you may be allowed to take the same tour on another date if space is available.  In addition, many of our tours are sold out months in advance and many people purchase them months ahead of time.  Due to this we understand that a conflict with your schedule could arise.  We will try very hard to work with you but it is preferred you sell the tickets to a friend, coworker or family member.  Doing this helps keep the inventory accurate since seating is limited.  Switching tours is possible with enough notice but not guaranteed or promised.  Most individual tours will have a small disclaimer on the refund policy for that particular tour so please read that over carefully.   However, this is our general refund policy for all tours.  
Most refunds are issued through PayPal which will go back on to the card you used to purchase them.   

Overnight tours and haunted adventures are non-refundable under any circumstances if you cancel or do not show up. 


Please note:  We do not mail paper tickets.  After your purchase, you will get an e-mail e-ticket with all the pertinent information about the tour.  Please e-mail if you have any questions.  







  • Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and space is limited.

  • Under 16 admitted with parent or guardian only.

  • We do not guarantee getting inside the locations we visit. We are totally at the mercy of the venues and their event schedules.   

  • Tour at your own risk! Participants agree to hold P.I.T.T., Inc and Tulsa Spirit Tours, LLC harmless from any liability of any kind associated with any of the tours.  Supernatural or otherwise.

  • Tours could be canceled due to bad weather.  Bus tours could be canceled due to low attendance.  In the event this happens, ticket holders will have the option of taking another scheduled tour of their choice.  Bad weather includes severe thunderstorms, hail, ice, tornados or any weather that may pose a danger to our customers.  No refunds, reschedules only.  Canceled tours will be announced via e-mail or on our Facebook social media page. If the heat index is 100 degrees or higher, walking tours are usually canceled.  Likewise, if the temperatures are below 45 degrees, walking tours could be canceled. 

  •  No refunds for no shows or canceled reservations. 

  • All tours by reservation only.  No seats will be held on verbal conversation or without payment.


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