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About the Classes & Workshops


Teri French, founder of Tulsa Spirit Tours, has actively studied metaphysics since the mid 1990's.  While she is most known for doing paranormal research and her haunted history tours, her over 30 years of knowledge is shared in fun and informative classes and workshops.

She was a favorite at 'The Herbal Glen' metaphysical store where she taught several different workshops back in 2002.  Well, those class materials have recently resurfaced.  They have been dusted off, revised and brought back into informative, fun and interactive classes she offers today.  

Teri will be offering the following classes & workshops:


  • Paranormal Research - Ghost Hunting 101 

  • Intro to Tarot Cards & Readings Workshop

  • Psychic (6th Sense) Awareness and Development Workshop

  • Dream Interpretation Workshop

Teri's classes and workshops are fun, affordable, enlightening and chock-full of great information combined from nearly three decades of continuous studies and applied methods.

She hopes you will join her for some fun, insightful and different events she has planned here on this page - these things are outside the normal Haunted history tours. 

Teri is also available for Tarot readings, media, public speaking and interviews.  In addition, she is also a photographer and available for photography assignments as well.  Her newest book "100 Things to Do In Tulsa Before You Die" was published in May, 2020 by Reedy Press.


For more info and for photography, readings, book signings, or other inquiries please visit:

Metaphysics 101 Workshops

Fortune Telling

In this fun crash course, you will learn various facets of Metaphysics.  We will cover everything from Dream Interpretation to Psychic Development, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Planets and more! This fun, informative workshop covers a wide variety of topics regarding metaphysics.


This is like a quick course in all of the different workshops that Teri hosts! 


Metaphysics 101 - 3 week workshop
Cost: $75.00
Materials and munchies provided


2023 Schedule Here! 

Ghost Hunting 101 Workshop

Teri has been hosting this workshop since the early 2000's and has taught it at places such as the downtown Tulsa OSU campus and the prestigious University of Tulsa.  Now this workshop is available to everyone and it's at a haunted location to boot! 


This class teaches the fundamental basics on how to Ghost Hunt.  We go over everything from equipment, to false positives, background research and so much more.   


This is an interactive class held in a haunted location which we will investigate with the instructions learned. 

2023 Schedule now available! 

Get the training and knowledge you need to ghost hunt in October!


Cost:  $150 - 5 week course  (only $25 per class). 

Spring:  Tuesdays in May - 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th
Fall:        Tuesdays - Sept. 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & Oct. 3rd
Time:  7:00pm - 9:00pm



Dream Interpretation Workshop

Starry Sky

This workshop is designed to help you discover what hidden mysterious messages are being made available to you through your dreams.   Learn the subconscious meaning of dreams, how to analyze a dream and understand the feelings and moods as they relate to your waking life.  

In this 2 hour workshop we will also cover the types of dreams and discuss topics such as sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences as well as tips, trips, techniques to help you achieve better understanding of recalling and interpreting your dreams. 

This individual workshop is not available at this time.  Please check back later. Thank you!

Psychic (6th Sense) Awareness & Development Workshop


Have you ever had premonitions that came true? Have you ever thought of someone, and they suddenly call? Do you have a 6th sense that you don't understand how to use or control? This class is for you!

In this 5 week course we will go over some basics of the phenomenon known as psychic ability. Learn the different types of psychic channels and how to obtain true intuitive guidance. Observe and practice proven techniques for grounding, detachment, boundaries, protection and more. Most importantly, recognize how to seperate and decipher your ego from true psychic messages.

This class is a comprehensive overview of tips, hints exercises and quizzes that will help you understand and develop your psychic self.

This individual workshop is not available at this time.  Please check back later. Thank you!

Intro to Tarot Cards & Readings


In this 3 hour workshop Teri will teach you the basics of reading and learning about the Tarot deck.

Discover the journey and origins of the Tarot deck.  We will go over the suites, symbolism's, meanings and hidden messages that can be revealed through the mystical Tarot. 


This class is designed to get you familiar with the cards, their meanings, different spreads, how to interpret the cards, how to read for beginners and Teri will share some custom Tarot reading spreads that she has used for over 20 years.

This individual workshop is not available at this time.  Please check back later. Thank you!



More classes & events coming soon.....

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