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"This is the best ghost tour in the U.S.!  Perfect fusion of local history with the paranormal. Fun and chilling presentation!  We have attended ghost tours in Williamsburg, Savannah, Key West, New Orleans, Hawaii and  Eureka Springs.  Tulsa Spirit Tours beats them all!!!" ~J. S. 


"LOVE the fact that you guys have so much knowledge about Tulsa and its history and that you guys are so welcoming on your tours. You make them a lot of fun to be a part of! And I look forward to the day I can make another one!"   ~C. W.


"Took my daughter on the tour for her birthday, we all had such a fantastic time, and learned so much more about Tulsa history.  Hopefully will continue to be a family tradition".  ~J.K. 


We love the friendly, courteous tour guide. How every part of the tour was well planned out and during the slow parts our awesome guides "lived" things up quite easily. Being new to Tulsa, we fell in love with the city very quickly and we started visiting every place that was recommend to us. However, it wasn't until we went on a Tulsa Spirit Tour that the history of Tulsa truly & finally came to life.   ~ M. B. 


My boyfriend and I went on the bus tour this year and we had so much fun. I learned a lot about the history of Tulsa, and I've lived here since I was 2! I was especially fascinated with the Brady mansion and the Cave House. I wouldn't have learned that if it wasn't for the tour. ~ C.S.

I moved here from Pennsylvania and learned the Tulsa history. I didn't even know about the cave house. The bus tour was such a fun time:) And the fact that you can take different tours, which means there's more to learn. Every tour I learn something new. Highly recommend! ~ M. B-A.

The history that you learn&the fun you have while learning it. You have really done your homework!! Both tours I did this year were fun. I did a walking tour and the bus tour. Have wanted to do the bus tour for a long time so glad I finally made it. I loved the evp's that you play,very impressive. Next would love to do the pub crawl. ~J. M.


"I just wanted to thank you and the rest of your crew for an outstanding time on the ghost tour this weekend. I had a blast!!! I thought it was very well organized and you were all so friendly and full of information. I enjoyed hearing all of your experiences and learning the history of each location. I especially loved the extra on-site visit (the more the better!). I'm spreading the word about your organization and already have friends planning to join me."  ~ J.W.

"Tonight's tour was GREAT. Thank you for taking us along. My husband was familiar with several of the local stories but I had not heard any of them so I was soaking it all in. We enjoyed it a great deal. You guys are Pros. Good Luck with your future projects." ~ A.M.


"I went with a friend on your "birthday tour" in July. When I told my mother-in-law about it, she was sooo excited to go, so we got tickets for all the in-laws for November. Thanks for putting on such a cool tour!" ~ S.W.

"I took the tour last year with a friend and I loved it so I am wanting to share the experience with my other friends and family. Thank you." ~D.H.

We loved the interesting people and stories behind the sites we visited. The diversity of places and history behind the sites were fascinating. It was entertaining and informative. ~S.D.


Your awesome tour guides - Teri White & Karol Olten 

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